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Healthy Finland Survey is going on in Salo

Julkaistu 2.11.2023 11:44, Päivitetty 2.11.2023 13:08

A total of 2,800 adults in Salo have been invited to participate in the Healthy Finland survey, which has been launched in ten municipalities in early September. In Southwest Finland Salo, Turku and Kaarina are participating in the survey at municipal level. The Department of Health and Welfare (THL, www.thl.fi) is carrying out the vast survey in Salo for the first time ever.

The survey concerns the adult population, the youngest respondents are 20 years old and there is no upper age limit. The city provides a wide range of well-being services for adults and aged people and wants to use the survey to find out how the well-being of the adult population in different areas of Salo could be further improved and health inequalities reduced.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) carries out extensive national health surveys every few years. The first Healthy Finland survey was implemented in 2022, and before that almost corresponding FinSote and FinTerveys surveys. More information on the national survey can be found at: www.thl.fi/tervesuomi. The results of the national surveys for the different indicators can be found at www.thl.fi/tervesuomi/tulokset. Statistics from the national surveys, also in graphical form, can be found at: www.thl.fi/tilastot/tervesuomi.

The results of the surveys are stored in the Sotkanet service www.sotkanet.fi. Service is maintained by THL. THL provides key statistical data on the well-being and health of the population for all municipalities in Finland. Data can be searched by municipality, by region and at national level. The viewers can see all indicators, descriptions of the data content, the data producer and the years of production.

Municipality-level surveys allow the health status and perceived well-being of the inhabitants to be looked at by region. Also socio-economic and educational background variables can be taken into account.  The same issues are examined at the municipal level as in the national survey. The survey covers living conditions, perceived health and quality of life, nutrition, physical activity, sleep, functional dependencies, risk factors, mental health, inclusion, discrimination, abuse and experiences of violence, accidents and cultural services. The results of surveys at municipal level are also published on the above websites.

Over 900 people in Salo have already participated in the survey, and Salo is the number one municipality in terms of response rate, dated October 26 th. The target response rate for the survey is 50 %. The city will market the survey in various media and on information boards. Data collection will continue until the end of January.

Healthy Finland survey: www.thl.fi/tervesuomi/participate

For survey participants:

E-mail: tervesuomi(at)thl.fi

Phone (toll-free): 0800 97730 weekdays 9-11 am

Contact person in the City of Salo is Hilpi Tanska, Welfare Coordinator, tel. 050 344 5463, hilpi.tanska(at)salo.fi